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After Weight Loss

At the Sculpted Clinic we actively encourage our patients to get closer to their ideal weight for a healthier lifestyle. We routinely involve Sculpted Personal Training in our practice to help patients along this path. After significant weight loss, whether from diet & exercise alone or with the help of Bariatric Surgery, different parts of the body can be left with reminders of the weight that was once there. Loose sagging skin folds and stretchmarks can not only be displeasing to the eye but even be quite uncomfortable with irritation under redundant folds and problems fitting clothes.

Each patient's body parts react differently and we tailor procedures required on an individual basis to prioritise Surgical and Non-Surgical treatments to address the areas that concern you. If you are seeking rejuvenation of more than one area, combinations of procedures may be required in one sitting or multiple stages, addressing the most concerning parts first. The procedures that may be required in this setting from head to toe are listed below.

    • Redundant skin here is often joined by loss of breast volume and often requires combinations of BREAST AUGMENTATION with BREAST LIFT.
    • Less often either BREAST AUGMENTATION or BREAST LIFT alone may suffice.
    • This may be combined with a upper backlift to give a circumferential lift to the upper torso.

    The Breast and Tummy/Abdomen are usually the primary concerns. Once addressed appropriately, other areas may become a residual concern in pursuit of total body makeover.

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    Dr Raja Sawhney is a Member of the Australian Society of Plastic SurgeonsDr Raja Sawhney is a Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons