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Sculpted Personal Training

We offer a free 1 hour consultation with our personal trainer Tatiana. We involve personal trainers as required to help people achieve their ultimate goal in body physique, health and overall confidence. Fitness gives vitality, presence and alertness. We wish our patients to leave our clinic healthier, happier and more vibrant at each visit

At the Sculpted clinic we believe in helping our patients achieve the best results from their procedures by enhancing their inner health. We offer a free 1 hour consultation with our personal trainer Tatiana Neumuller. During this consult Tatiana will assess your skin folds, body fat percentage and Body mass index. She will offer nutritional and dietary advice and calculate your basal metabolic rate. It is imperative that you let her know of any known medical conditions. She will also advise on basic exercises to enhance your inner core, relieve stress and prepare you for the best result from your procedure/s. Depending on your procedure there maybe specific exercises to follow after your procedure. You can make this appointment via our office.

It stands to reason that patients having procedures have less complications and recover quicker if they are fit and healthy. This is a well known general theme and in the surgical world there is profuse literature to document increases in rates of complications as patients Body Mass Index (BMI) increases. Further, the results achieved from body contouring procedures are far improved if excess weight is trimmed so your surgeon can contour layers of your body tighter and slimmer. Weight loss after surgery can alter results of surgery too and at our clinic we advise people on the likely and possible effects of weight changes after body contouring procedures so patients can make informed choices on how far they want to push for their optimal result. We take great pleasure in seeing our patients leave our clinic with a more balanced and healthier lifestyle to set them in good stead for their future.

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Dr Raja Sawhney is a Member of the Australian Society of Plastic SurgeonsDr Raja Sawhney is a Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons