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Mummy Makeover

We provide packages as Bridal and Mummy Makeovers. Both of these may include exercise regimes and nutritional advice from our personal trainers for weight loss or body toning combined with non-surgical and surgical enhancements of different areas of the body and of course surgical procedures as necessary. The aim is to provide a tailored package for a patient to achieve their goal in a timely and organised fashion. Often body sculpting procedures get far improved results if combined with appropriate weight loss or body toning. Being fitter improves stamina and speeds up recovery and significantly decreases risks of many complications. It is in this arena that the Sculpted Clinic goes a step further in assisting patients through their journey. See Sculpted Personal Training.

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Dr Raja Sawhney is a Member of the Australian Society of Plastic SurgeonsDr Raja Sawhney is a Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons